Provide a safe-haven for children, families, and seniors in Decatur

We stand in the gap, meeting unmet needs for our community's most vulnerable citizens. Stand With Us.

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Ensure OKOCC Continues to Meet our Community's Needs

OKOCC positively impacts the inner city, building a prosperous, energized community.

Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy environment that offers opportunities for Decatur families to improve their quality of life. We will do that by communicating effectively, developing partnerships, and providing quality programs and services for YOUTH, ADULTS and FAMILIES!

Since 2001, Old King's Orchard Community Center has been a safe environment for children, seniors, and all ages in between, in Decatur, IL. The OKOCC all-volunteer board works to provide services that fill the gaps in our city and our Peace Park provides a lovely setting to build community.

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